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We love to hear from our customers, especially when they send us photos of PAK-IT-LITE© products in use! Here are some photos and reviews from a few of our customers as well as a few other photos of taken on our trips.


If you have purchased one of our products or about to, we want to hear from you! We want to see photos or videos of your outdoor adventures using our gear.

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Mid 20s in NH last night, first outing with the FOB. Best night's sleep outdoors I've ever had.

Posted by Chris Hemmah on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Well, I actually had a great Fathers day. All I wanted was to take my two oldest grand kids primitive camping. We went "...

Posted by Rick Briggs on Friday, June 26, 2015

Love it love it love it... most comfortable hammock I have ever been in. I got in to test it out and went to sleep. Next time I'll set the tarp up before I get in. Dying to check that out too

Posted by Pappy Bud on Sunday, April 26, 2015

"I have to admit, at first, I was sceptical of the "Lay Flay Design" claim. After all, how can a hammock lay flat? But I decided to give the FOB a try and I must say, I am very happy I did! I am no longer a sceptic but a true believer in this system! Wow! All I can say is - WOW! I just got back from a three day hike and the sleep I got was GREAT! The comfort of the hammock induced me into a deep REM sleep. So much that when I would wake up, I would completely forget I was campping in a hammock! THANK YOU for a great product!"

Scott P

"OK Love! I love the ability to lay perfectly flat in your Hammock!  This is something I struggled with in my Clark NX250- always having to hang the foot end higher and not able to really lay flat. I was unsure how you achieved this claim initially, but after inspecting the hammock and seeing how it is cut- definitely different than anything else out on the market!
The quality of the Hammock is all top notch!  From the stitching to the fabric and even to the well thought out small details-  It really shows how much thought and time must have gone into designing this system.
The pad sleeve is great- no more sliding around on a pad, and the side pockets that add a significant amount of warmth that almost cradle you in comfort.
I was unsure as to the claim of being tested to -2F without any underquilt!  Boy, I am a believer now.  I'm sure with a quality bag and pad with some spare clothes in the side tubes that this is a very realistic claim.
I am kind of a gear nut and was honestly happy enough with the Clark NX250- That was because I didn't know what I was missing in comfort and warmth!  I changed because...well just because I could, and I am sure glad I did.
I am sending you this in the hopes that you post it on your site as an honest review of your product- I couldn't be happier with it and can't think of anything I would change!
This will definitely be with me in my High Country Elk Hunts in the Sky Lakes Wilderness for many seasons to come!"


“I am delighted to report that I slept for 7 undisturbed hours before answering the call of nature, climbing back into my hammock and sleeping for another 2 straight hours. It's the best night's sleep I've had in a hammock and possibly the best night's sleep I've ever had - thank you.”

Steve B

“…it is the best made hammock I have in my collection. I am impressed with this hammock to say the least! Thank you for a well thought out and crafted hammock.”

Steve W

“Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had on the trail!”

Anne P

"The comfort of these hammocks is OUTSTANDING! By far the most comfortable hammock I’ve slept in! Notice, I said ‘slept in’! I FINALLY have a hammock that I can enjoy a good nights sleep!!"

Tim P

“I also discovered what I already felt when I watched your video, the extreme attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of your hammocks. In case you can't tell, I'm very happy with it!  Gotta tell ya, I LOVE IT!”

Richard B

“I can get it set up within a few minutes and enjoy more of the outdoors. It was easy to set up and pack up.  Left more time for relaxing.” 

Christian A

“It got down to 42*….In about 15 minutes after getting inside, I was out of the bag and just lying there with a tee shirt and sweat pants on. Pretty happy with the temp difference!”

Richard B

"Normally, I simply cannot do hikes for more than 3 days. Well, the night I spent in your hammock was the absolute best night's sleep I've ever had in the woods. It was unbelievable. On my back, or on my side, I was perfectly comfortable. I stuck a bottle of water, my phone (turned off) and my trusty GLOCK 19 up in the pockets on the ceiling, and I slept from midnight to 7 am without waking up even once. That has NEVER happened with me. I felt SO refreshed that morning, and the next day's hiking was an absolute breeze. I felt completely fresh, which has never happened. I hope you sell a million of these things, Tony. You are making the world a better place!"

Pat B

"We received the hammock today.  We are both very impressed with it.  A lot of nice features, plus it is very comfortable.  My wife loves it and I am envious." 

Drew R

"Just an FYI I set my hammock up knowing the weather would be bad her for a few days, thinking it would be a good test... long story short we got torrential rain and 75mph wind (looks like a war zone, some of my trees were snapped off at the ground...) but the hammock had zero issues and remains bone dry inside... I was not in the hammock for this as it was in no way safe outside. But suffice it to say you would be ok in what was just short of a hurricane! Sadly the storm killed 3 people here in Washington State."

Shawk H

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