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The Snowblind is a new direction in hammock camping for PAK-IT-LITE© and may be the new norm for all of our hammocks. Engineered for winter hammock camping in snow conditions, it has all the same features of the F.O.B and ReconMN – fully enclosed with the same Patented hammock body design – but at half the weight and more heat retention!

 The hammocks enclosure and body are made from non-coated, breathable, 30D ripstop nylon. A double zip door and window allow easy entry into and out of the hammock and is large enough to sit on the hammock, at the doorway, while cooking or just relaxing.

The hammock body is a DLS (Double Layer System) using breathable 30D black ripstop nylon for the inner layer. This layer forms three pockets inside the hammock. The main 86x26.5 bed pocket will hold a closed cell foam pad for added heat retention. On both sides of the bed pocket are large insulating pockets that hold clothing (just stow all the clothing in your pack), which provides more heat retention.

Here is how the hammock works: The hammocks white, translucent, body and enclosure allow what minimal sunlight is available on a winter’s day to enter into the hammock. The black bed liner absorbs the warmth of this sunlight. Heat that radiates off the liner is reflected off the white enclosure and back into the hammock. Think of it as a “Green House Effect”. The white hammock and fly make good concealment in snowy conditions (just don’t forget where you parked it!) and brighten up the inside of the hammock on those dreary winter days.

The Snowblind has a fixed ridgeline, which allows the hammock body to hang with the proper amount of sag and the Patented design of the hammock bed provides a more level and flat sleeping area. This also means setting up the hammock is simple and straightforward since the proper sag is engineered into the hammock. Just attach the support lines to your trees, place the hammock end loops over the support line toggles and pull the foot line taut. One line will adjust the entire system!

Inside the hammock, along the fixed ridgeline, is a gear loft with five 4” wide pockets. Perfect for storing cell phones, GPS units, iPods or MP3 players, small cameras and, yes, even socks or underwear. There is one large pocket on the backside of the gear loft for holding maps, tablets, a side arm or any other larger items you would like to stow.

The rain/snow fly for the Snowblind was designed around the PAK-IT-LITE© 70D waterproof ripstop nylon "standard" fly for the F.O.B, ReconMN, Scout and Lightfoot Scout but offers coverage to the ground. This traps more heat while shedding rain, wind and snow. Being inside this fly is like being inside a large three-person tent, with standing room. The fly can be set up with out the hammock for tent camping but who wants to sleep on the ground? The fly’s front entry can be open on either side or both for added ventilation or ease of entry and exit. Heavy-duty Velcro tabs along the door seam keep the door closed when needed.

Turn around time from time of purchase on this item: 10 to 15 days

If you are interested in this product but would like to purchase it in a different color, let us know. We woud like to here from you and value our customers input. Contact us!

Full System Includes:

Hammock @ 1lbs
Rain Fly @ 4lbs
Six 9" Tent Stakes @ 4oz
Amsteal Blue Support System @ 8oz
Total Full System @ 5lbs,12oz

Weight Limit: 190lbs
Hammock Alone Includes:

Hammock @ 1lbs
System Options:

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